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Monument of the Americas

Enlightened Grove built a customized app for Monument to the Americas Park. This tool will assist with building awareness, promotional fund-raising and serve as a “tour guide” when guests visit the Christ in America Park. The app will feature stories behind each work of art, upcoming concerts, classes or events and provide in-app purchases at the gift shop.

Meet the People

What began 25 years ago as one man's dream and inspiration, has blossomed into a diverse team of dedicated contributors from various disciplines, each lending their unique skills to give life to the project. Meet the artists, architects, editors, musicians, publicists, fundraisers, partners, executives, and many others that are working to build the Christ in America Legacy Park.

Explore the Park

Take a virtual tour of the Christ in America Legacy Park and catch a glimpse of the vision and beauty of this cultural and religious gem with over 50 monumental statues, large scale water features, manicured gardens, an outdoor amphitheater, and a classical visitors and event center, soon to be built in picturesque Heber City, Utah.

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