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Enlightened Grove

Enlightened Grove

At Enlightened Grove we take organizations and businesses to a whole new level of success with our efficient, affordable, customized app development under your own brand.

What makes our apps so special?


Most apps built from scratch cost between $60,000 to $100,000 and higher! We offer our
customizable product at a fraction of the cost.


Apps built from scratch can require
up to nine months to build. We can customize your app within one month!

Community Driven

We strive to promote self-sufficiency, community development and prosperity for families by providing employment opportunities worldwide.

Our Product

Basic App Package INCLUDING both iOS and Android Apps

$395/month (for 24 months) + Initial Setup Fee

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Premium App Package INCLUDING both iOS and Android Apps

$395/month (36 months) + Initial Setup Fee

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Mobile App Development Case Studies and Testimonials

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Meet the Founders

Michael and Cindy Neider recognized the need for educational app development while providing teacher training workshops in the Philippines and West Africa. App development allows educational content to be affordably updated and distributed efficently, even in areas with limited Wi-Fi access. The Neiders' goal is to not only provide affordable, efficiently produced apps, but to also uplift local communities with international job opportunities. Mike is an attorney and the former President of MIRO Industries. Cindy taught school for nearly 30 years. Together they share 10 children and 38 grandchildren.