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Open Content for Development

Enlightened Grove built a customized app for the Community Development Network called: Open Content for Development (OC4D) that now provides educational content for learners around the world for free!

Knowledge Worth Knowing Is Worth Sharing

Open Content for Development bridges the socioeconomic and racial divides through literacy and finance learning for all.

OC4D creates a bridge to digital learning tools for the world’s 2 billion unconnected learners.

“If we build our bridge together,
then we can all get across.”
– Solomon ( Accra, Ghana)


The Open Content for Development App (OC4D) makes it possible to share our educational materials without having a huge budget, because it's free and can be put on our phones."

Irene Eastmond, Human Rights Education Teacher Trainer

 The OC4D App just put
human rights education at the fingertips of the motivated learner, overcame tech hesitation in teachers and gave us a time-saving breakthrough in sharing
human rights lessons.

Nick Eastmond, Human Rights Education Teacher Trainer

I appreciate the OC4D app because anyone from anywhere in the world can add content, even in their own language. Many teacher's say, "We love connecting online, offline".  That's to say that everything on the OC4D app is supposed to be online but as soon as you download the app, you get everything offline.

-- Johnson Gbedze, Technical Teaching Assistant